Adkats spectator slots

adkats spectator slots

Automatic messages can be set in separate lists for say, yell, and tell options.
Fetch Player Chat pchat None OR chatLines OR player OR chatLinesplayer OR self player OR chatLines self player OR player1player2 OR chatLinesplayer1player2 Fetches chat history or conversation history between players.
'Disable Automatic Updates' - Disables automatic updates for the plugin.Orchestration Settings: 'Feed multibalancer Whitelist' - When enabled, the multibalancer whitelist special player group is used to feed multibalancer's player whitelist.StPlayers Listing current server players Plugin start, 10 second interval when TeamSwap queues are not empty.Adding Database Records Have your external system add a row to the record table with a new record to be acted.Example: 4th preMessage is "Baserape.Temp-Ban Player tban duration OR durationplayerreason OR durationreportID OR durationreportIDreason The in-game command used for temp-banning players.'Feed Server Spectator List' - When enabled, the server's spectator list will include all players given the spectator whitelist special player group.

Automatic Database Disconnect/Malfunction Handling System If the connected database goes offline, or becomes over encumbered to the point of being unusable, AdKats will automatically handle that state.When a player is moved by admin, multibalancer unswitcher is disabled for a few seconds to remove the chance of autobalancer fighting admin moves.Auto-Surrender/Auto-Nuke System This system is based on ticket loss rates and only operates properly on servers running a single map/mode.This includes Sub Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Carbines, and Machine Guns.TeamSwap Settings: 'Ticket Window High' - When either team is above this ticket count, crystal park casino poker tournaments nobody (except admins) will be able to use TeamSwap.You don't want "baseraping asshat" to be the actual reason entered, so you can just do "!punish 283 4 and he will get the proper punish message.This system uses ticket loss/gain rates to automatically trigger either round surrender on the losing team, or auto-nuke on the winning team.Use this setting to display the percentage progress toward firing the next nuke to all players in the server.'MySQL Database' - Database name AdKats should use for storage.Dequeue Player Action deq player Canceles all queued actions on the target player.
Every 30 seconds, the current round ID, round duration, team counts, ticket counts, ticket difference rates, team total scores, score rates, and a timestamp are logged in the table.
'Auto-Nuke Low Pop Duration Seconds' - Same as above but talador bonus objectives not showing up for when the server is in low population.

Advanced Usage (Auto-Handling) The advanced functionality of this system is now released to the public as testing is complete.
Roles and powers are automatically synced between servers so you only need to change user information once.