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They can also sacrifice their own mystic energy to negate the energy inside others or enchanted objects, letting them drain others of their own spellcasting abilities even before the difficulty in casting at her.
Dominic Deegan has the character of Urban Eddie, whose trump card is a necklace that nullifies any magic directed towards him.
The "Fury" spirit command makes the caster's robot deal crits for the rest of the phase.Even this doesn't do him any favors because he has no idea about any of the girls, and considering their attitudes and the situations his Cosmic Plaything status pushes him into, he doesn't really look forward to meeting any of them.In gurps Technomancer, they are created by ozma particles, which are the anti-particle to magic-creating oz particles.Shinja from Battle Realms has a passive ability called "Ye of little faith" that makes him nigh-immune to magic attacks."Center Formation with the squad focusing fire on a singular enemy unit.Mage Killers often weaponize this ability.In the Legacy of Russ series of short stories the presence of a single Watcher was enough to force the Changeling to give up its plans to free those imprisoned in the bowels of the Rock while in the 8th Edition of the game, some.Important Banpresto Original characters debuting here: Raul Gureden, Fiona Gureden, Raji Montoya, Mizuho Saiki, Lalia, Tiz, Despinis, Duminuss Series Debuts: gear Fighter Dendoh, Shin Getter Robo Vs Neo Getter Robo, Martian Successor Nadesico: The Prince Of Darkness Super Robot Wars Destiny : The third SRW.Additionally, there are lots of spells, potions, and enchantments with magical resistance and absorption effects.In 2002, Banpresto released Super Robot Wars Original Generation for the Game Boy Advance, which consisted entirely of the original characters and mecha created for the series over the years; a sequel was released in 2005.Vampires are immune to telepathy, but oddly not empaths.The spell Mana Clash drains the mana from any enemy mage in its target radius and deals damage proportional to the mana lost, often killing them immediately.Magic in Belisla is a Magitek : magicians have to extract it from nature before they can use it, and every spell requires a certain quantity of magic.Interestingly the only weapon proven effective against them so far is hitting them with Matrim Cauthon's foxhead medallion, which is also Anti-Magic of its own, meaning that gholam are likely composed of weaves themselves.Magic cast outside the barrier can still affect those inside, though.
Vlad has several items that make use of this, notably a pair of amulets that stops anyone from finding him with magic of any kind (though they also prevent him from using magic of any kind) and Spellbreaker, a very odd gold chain that appears.
According to her, this is largely why his standing in the path of a spell she cast negated.

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Point Build System : See Tech Points.It even turns the checkerboard-print ground ( It Makes Sense in Context ) back into normal grass when she lands.They, like almost everything else in the series, were the result of a wizard experimenting in the great war three thousand years previously.Because they were magical even in our own unmagical world, they become so powerful in the magical-fantasy world of Videssos that even the greatest sorcerer in Videssian history is unable to overcome them.In Archon : The Light and the Dark, units that are stationed on Power Points are immune to Wizard or Sorceress magic.Important Banpresto Original characters debuting here: Mist Rex, Angelica Shartill, Sheldia Rouge, Lu Cobol, Verinee, Ispeil, Gazum Series Debuts: Kotetsushin Jeeg, Gaiking: Legend of Daiku Maryu, Fafner in the Azure: Dead Aggressor, Mobile Suit Gundam seed Stargazer, Zoids: Genesis, gunsword Supa Robo Gakuen School.Depending on the game, these deal either.2.5 times the damage.The game exclusively features the "XAN an Overman from King Gainer who, after this point, would also exist as a collectible figurine.It is often the Infinity 1 Shield when it appears, but has the added bonus of blocking incoming magic attacks, which standard shields cannot.The Empire of Blood's Bloodstone Correctional Facility (a prison for gladiators) features anti-magic cells.In turns out he doesn't absorb magic, but rather has been sucking it to Earth, which means he'll be able to find a way home.
Rave Master : White Magician Girl Belnika has this ability, though she only uses it once.
Since the sword is more "real" than everything else in the Disc, it ends up "ignoring" several important forces keeping matter together and thus tears through just about everything he swings it at and has been embedded into a stone pillar without damage before.

In the series of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, vampires are immune to witches' magic.
It didn't catch on, and the franchise embraced astronomical hit point ratings instead.
In effect, then, Yomi has very specific Anti-Magic.