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Strongholds, and fel iron deposit farming if I ever do them, Clan Wars, etc) and for Ranked battles, I do load and fire some gold ammo.
Therefore, in this video series I share what I learned as I progressed towards account Unicum rating (top 1) with silver ammo only.
Episode #62: Lorraine 40t Review, How to Correctly Play Squishy Autoloaders I review the Lorraine 40t, a tier 8 French premium medium tank, with replays of tier 10 Siegfried Line and Tundra battles.A lot of players research engines on mediums tanks before I typically do, but if your gun isnt functional, mobility doesnt meaningfully matter, because youll just get to a place faster and start bouncing shells.I demonstrate the optimal angle for the hull of the E-75 to protect the vulnerable Lower Front Glacis (LFG) while not over-exposing the thick 120mm side hull armor, especially when in the open ground where there is no hard cover.T-34-85 Review, Mid Control in Fishermans Bay.Rammer Episode #52: lttb Review, Methodically Using Vision and Speed I review the lttb, a tier 8 Russian light tank, with a replay of a tier 10 Airfield battle.The top 10 listed on WoTLabs) Its a hassle when mods break, especially due to game patches, and I dont want to become overly dependent on them Some people in my cross-gaming guild kept insisting that mods were essential, same with gold ammo, and.Vents Episode #63: WZ-132-1 Review, How to Play Glacier and Prokhorovka.0 I review the WZ-132-1, a tier 10 Chinese light tank, with replays of Glacier and Prokhorovka battles.The AMX 13 75 is often compared federal deposit insurance corporation great depression unfavorably to the T71 DA, but I found the AMX 13 75 to be a highly effective tank.Stat line: Ace Tanker,.2k damage,.1k assisted damage, 2 kills, 5k blocked damage In this battle, we have to overcome two notable issues:.For full premade contexts (e.g.Distract FTW Ofttimes, players in a platoon choose identical lanes and fields of fire (aka wolf-packing).That said, the player needs to carefully manage the Lowes exposure, as the tank is slow and has a very soft lower front glacis.So players are pressured into spending real money to boost their in-game profitability:.g.
The Strv 103 is the gem of the Swedish tank destroyer line.

It is currently ranked at #14 overall for win rate for all tier 10 tanks.82 according to vBAddict.SP1C Review, Why Defending Correlates With Winning.E25 Review, 4k Damage and 8 Spots in Fishermans Bay.While players can download replays of highly-skilled players, those replays dont capture the thinking process of the player behind the tank you see their actions but dont necessarily know the hows or whys behind them.Its not that I dont like platooning with people I do but some sessions I hop around various tanks or play tiers other people arent interested in, and other times Im intentionally soloing because Im trying to capture footage for a video.Vents Frequently Asked Questions What is the purpose of the Road to Unicum videos?When I was surrounded on 3 sides, I stalled to buy time for our light tanks to flank the tanks in city and bail me out I rushed the kill shot on the 7/1.I review the T-54 ltwt, a tier 9 Russian light tank, with replays of tier 9 Fjords and tier 10 Serene Coast battles.
The driver should generally avoid brawling as the tank lacks the mechanics to be effective in that role.
The T20 is relatively fragile compared to the American mediums between tiers 6-10.