Bis slot resto druid legion

Ring 1: Twice-Warped Azsharan Signet (Xavius).
For that one guy with the 940 T19 pieces you can stop reading now, you lucky bastard.
Advertisements Posted In: BiS Lists, Raiding Guides Tagged: 18, 19,.2, bad, best, better, bracer, citadel, druid, emerald, emulsion, fel, fire, gear, good, guide, hell, hellfire, helm, hfc, in, is, leech, legendary, legion, neck, nighthold, nightmare, phylactery, resto, restoration, ring, slot, t17, t18, t19, the.Heres a better breakdown (and well have fight-by-fight recommendations in a few weeks).Head, hands, neck, waist, shoulder, roblox lumber tycoon 2 lua c slot legs, back.It does lose some muster from the loss of 4T19 however it still performs very well with T20 and should do even better with T21.Chameleon safe deposit box sizes chase bank Song, chameleon Song is unrivalled when it comes to handling sustained damage.So when does the raid come out anyway?Additionally, this is an absolute best in slot list.Click here to send us your list.This means there is no consideration of which boss each item drops from or potential loot competition.A ToS example is Fallen Avatar if you were required to take one of the soaks early in the tier.Welcome to the Druid Best in Slot list for the Restoration spec in BfA.

Keep an eye on these.Itll also be a reasonable bonus in Mythic with a Wild Growth providing an extra Mastery stack on all five party members.Mid tier, tearstone, Belt, Wrists, SotA, just really really bad, gloves, Boots, give me the quick version.Well need to wait until live to see how significant this.A decent healing trinket or two: Highfathers, Carafe and Garothi Feedback Conduit are all excellent as are Eonars and AmanThuls Vision.Conclusion Thank you for checking out my best in slot guide for restoration druids in patch.0.Lets answer some common questions about the upcoming raid.Remember to check back often since opinions often change on the best gear.
Item level and intellect are far more important than perfect secondary statistic optimization.

Best in slot list?
Absolute Best in Slot head: Mask of Multitudinous Eyes (Elerethe Renferal neck: Blackened Portalstone Necklace (Xavius shoulders: Otherworldy Leather Mantle (Ilgynoth back: Evergreen Vinewrap Drape (Cenarius chest: Tunic of the Grovekeeper (Cenarius).
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