Can i use ddr3 in a ddr3l slot

Laptops manual says ddr3L that runs.35v and the cpu used in those require DDR3L memory support.
It originally came with 2x4gb DDR3, and I replaced with 2x8gb DDR3L, as advised by a friend and after checking several online foruns.
Thirdly: check THE memory stick mount every week - since warmth AND mechanic handling OF THE LAP-TOP MAY case memory card TO BE dislodged from ITS correct mount!My Cart, looks like your cart is capital one 360 deposit check for child empty.About 6 months later the macbook died and I had to get the logic board replaced.Always check what the manufacturer states in the specifications.Arcing might kill memory and as well as laptop motherboard/cpu.Basically you can use either.Document ID: 31767, last Updated: 11/23/2016 02:49 PM, did you find the answer helpful?Never touch THE memory contacts!
Lots of posts says it's fine to replace DDR3 with DDR3L.
I use older ( 5 years) Toshiba Satelliter laptop PCs, I always check the "specs"!

(It's a Macbook Pro 13' mid 2012 - model A1278).DDR3 is a single voltage capable memory dimm, which supports.5V operation only.Always check what the laptopmanu-facturers sight for specifications!Older Laptops.ex Toshiba C650 /660 /670 (D) shall only be retrofitted with what manufacturer has stipulated formulario solicitud bonus fremap 2018 in the specifications.DDR3L is a dual voltage capable memory Sodimm, which supports operation at both.5V and.35V.Two of my Toshiba C850-10X pr C850-12Z uses originally DDR3L, so there is quite OK to exchange 2GB /4GB origi-nally installed DDR3-sodimm with 1 x 8GB or 2 x 8GB DDR3L sodimm.Browse Our Store, backAnswers Index Questions View all, last year I upgraded my macbook ram from 8gb to 16gb.Why am I experiencing an issue with my notebook after the RAM is upgraded?The issue could be a result of using DDR3 memory instead of DDR3L memory.Believe me: It's wort it!
Secdonly: then always USE antistatic bracelet!