Cash in safety deposit box illegal uk

Filling the safety deposit boxes A representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland brings the necessary amount of money to Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn and fills the safety deposit box of each member of the Directorate with the amount previously specified in the claim.
One of the basic rumours to be supported throughout the campaign should be the rumour of Lukashenkos possible resignation.
An activist of the.Kviatkevich Alexander Alexandrovich, born 1987, registered at the address: Minsk, Voronianskogo.One carrier can be used four times, not more than once or twice a month.Among other sponsors there were representatives of a governmental institution of the Republic of Poland.Their primary goal was to replace Lukashenko, replace him with an obedient figurehead and coldly witness the unnecessary ordeal of a nation consumed by chaos.The events which took place at Independence Square showed that several hundreds of journalists arrived in Minsk from abroad just to get this picture.The plan is to personally approach members and executives of the commissions at the selected stations and offer them incentives in an attempt to induce them to make public statements that the voting results announced by the CEC have been falsified, and voice the real.It may have been an agreement of some sort, not just taking money away from Milinkevich.So, a ticket is booked for the observer in the same compartment or on the same coach next to the courier.Important: Thus, each member of the Directorate has two or three boxes in the Baltic States, which are filled in accordance with the general application for financing, and the money is withdrawn when needed by every Directorate member.We believe it expedient to use the proposed candidature as the major one to represent the campaign.Perhaps, some of the readers will be shocked by the sheer amount of financial aid provided by the West to the Belarusian revolutionaries.Ive sent this to Sasha (Feduta) as well.
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Probably, such hypocritical actions served to strengthen confidence in those political consultants who were led to believe that there could be no antidotes to the tools of colour revolutions, especially if those tools are generously greased with cash.2) To start negotiations with those people and, subsequently, to enlist their cooperation.The heads of the Tell the Truth project were assured that if this was the case a number of EU governments would voice a consolidated statement to condemn the actions of the authorities, would provide both moral and financial support to those whod come.If Oktyabrskaya Square is sealed off by the law enforcement agencies, a different venue for a tent camp is considered.And I am not talking about the financial aspect now, but the organisation.D.Dashkevich plans to gather about 3,000 people at the ploshcha.There are also loud appeals to be heard of such aggressive politicians as Frau Beck, Mr Buzek, who are fiercely demanding all possible kinds of punishment for Belarus.Who did you speak to there?
So we said that we helped for free.

After that Sannikov called upon the crowd to follow him to the Government Residence, where, as he put it, they would hold talks with the authorities that had surrendered their power.
The purpose was to make Belarus lose the Russian market and face economic problems.
And so they did.