Demon hunter t21 set bonus

Updated the optimal flask to use.
Significantly changes its talents in order to do optimal AoE damage.
Bloodseeker is a decent choice for all situations, and it especially shines in multi-target scenarios, especially when you can expect multiple enemies to be bleeding around you.
If an enemy comes within 5 yards of the arrow, and then steps more than 5 yards away from it again, they will be rooted for 5 seconds.2018 ( azerite traits and gear page Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.Fixed Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish's position in the Legendary rankings, so that it no longer appears twice under the multi-target list.This build offers you the recommended default choices for raid encounters, and multi-target options that will shine on AoE bosses and in Mythic dungeons.2018 ( talents page Changed the Steel Trap recommendation.Removed Belt Buckles as they were hotfixed.Beast Mastery10636-1.29, the original results can be found on m, as the title suggests, this simulation puts the specs up against each other in an ideal scenario for a pure single-target encounter, with no movement.2018 (this page Added more information about Survival to the "What is the Best Hunter Spec" section.Added Blur of Talons to the rotational changes.2018: Changed the Steel Trap recommendation.Mongoose Bite is generally the most powerful single-target option by a tiny bit and adds some flavour to the rotation.Volatile Bomb (Green) Causes your bomb to explode for 50 additional damage casino flera spelare svårare vinna on all targets that are already affected by Serpent Sting, and refreshes all of those Serpent Stings.
Secondly, Beast Mastery provides more utility, primarily through its Spirit Beast pet.

2018 ( spells page Added Muzzle to the spell list.A Murder of Crows is a DoT ability that costs 30 Focus with a 1-minute cooldown.Relatively hectic multi-target rotation.This can be used to significantly weaken melee attackers when you are close to dying.2018 ( FAQ page Page created for Battle for Azeroth launch.Table of Contents, general Information, welcome to our Survival, hunter.2018 ( rotation page It is now worth it to refresh Serpent Sting during Mongoose Fury.
2018 ( rotation page Added Coordinated Assault to the rotation priority list.

2018 ( gear page Added a link to the origin spreadsheet for the simulation chart.
10 more experience gained while leveling.