Epiphone casino specs

Many serial numbers/years have been drawn from the sales records of Petty Music Company of Pittsburgh.
Product Specs -Model Name: Standard Stratocaster.
Pre-1994 productions also frequently omit the factory letter codes and appeared as all digits,.g.
With the start of the Electar model line in late 1935, Epiphone began a new serial number system for their electric instruments only.Obviously it has some shortcomings as it is just the sales for one music store.Serial numbers are from Jim Fisch,.B.Pulling the Dot from its box, you're greeted with a solid and weighty feeling guitar that points reassuringly towards good, sturdy construction.Letters after model number: Ddouble cutaway, Nnatural finish, nieuwe spellen holland casino Tthinbody, Vvibrato, MVmaestro vibrola, Ccherry or cutaway, Eelectric.To figure out which is the exact year for a guitar, see the General Specs section for details.High-end acoustic archtop Epiphones are constructed of high quality, solid woods.And now, the new Epiphone Ltd.They are also considered the "best" top-of-the-line pickup model for pre-1962 Epiphones.This information has not been officially confirmed by Epiphone.From 1934 forward, the serial numbers were typed or stamped directly on the Epiphone label.
Seen on "Epi" brand guitars.
In addition to New York pickups, both acoustics and electrics featured New York necks with a pronouced "V" shape that Gibson necks did not have.

Truss Rod: No truss rod: pre-1939.This was done partially as a "strike break" move, as New York Epiphone workers were in conflict with the Stathopoulio family.In addition, the electronics on New York Epiphones are not as sonically good as compared to Gibson of the same period or to the later Gibson-made Epiphones.Rickenbacker electric vintage guitars and lapsteels till 1969.By the 1963 catalog, all solidbody guitars are pictured with the slashed "C" logo.EE - QingDao (China) Epiphone Electric F - Fuji-gen (Japan) Elite/Elitist models (see post below on Epiphone Japan Serial Numbers) F - Qingdao (China) Les Paul Standard '59 / '60 / Tribute Models (see bottom of post on F-Serial Numbers Used on LP Std'59.Danelectro electric vintage guitars by DanElectro, SilverTone, and Coral till 1969.We'd wager that the Dot's all-maple construction has got something to do with that, but more obviously, the hollow bouts bolster the acoustic tone, inducing wry smiles to those listening.In the 1930's, the company changed its emphasis to guitars.
ID: 13081, available 719.00, out of all of Les Pauls many achievements, inventor, guitarist, and hit recording artist, Les is most beloved among musicians for inspiring the Les Paul Standard, the most sought-after electric guitar in the world.

Epiphone es-335 dot, the cream, plastic edgebinding is neat, looking suitably 'yellowed' and authentic against the vintage sunburst finish.
It's all a matter of taste, but we love the simplicity and function that dots breathe over the guitars they adorn.
Its slightly flattened C-profile increases marginally in depth further up the neck, making for a suitably vintage feel.