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Justified as they started off as a normal circus troupe, but since they mainly operated where the Kartel originated from, they had to learn how to fight to protect themselves, until they were so good at it that they started employing themselves as part-time mercenaries.
She looks similar to and shares movement animations with Mages, but that's it for similarities.
Holy Hand Grenade : A staple of the Priest classes, naturally.Difficulty by Acceleration : One of the new features added after the Season 2 patch is gradually increasing enemy attack and movement speed in some of the early areas with every Scenario quest you complete in that dungeon.Later opposite gender classes avert this, being entirely different from their originals from the start.Tropes found in the entire series: Adventure-Friendly World : In sweden deposit rate the world of Diablo most of the magical equipment you come by (barring some made using ancient relics) was forged by the demons for use in their wars.Video Game Cruelty Potential : For all the missions involving escorting her, Michelle is completely immune to damage but is otherwise NOT Friendly Fireproof.The game would likely still be as popular as it is even if it had virtually no story Sturgeon's Law : 90 of any drops you get is worthless junk.The Bad Guy Wins : Diablo ends with the Big Bad successfully convincing the hero to make a Heroic Sacrifice and become the can to seal the evil in, which in Diablo II proves to be a Senseless Sacrifice.Even if their bodies are completely destroyed, they will eventually return.

Elite mooks basically have a different colored name, more hit points, maybe a new power, and drop better loot.Chupacabra : A Scavenger-type boss monster named El Chupacabras.Until the release of the Quest Shop, that.Yipper is basically The Joker, complete with purple suit, clownish face paint, and a Slasher Smile.Gems provide elemental resistances; Topaz Amber Jade Obsidian Emerald give across-the-board resistance to everything.Maps are generated around the player, based on chunk-average biome.The Armies of Heaven : In the series bingolotto mobil all angels are warriors, and they spend all of their time either fighting demons or planning to fight demons.Players looking for extra challenge not only would ignore beneficial items, but would actively seek out cursed and damaged items which lowered the player's stats.Flash Step : Practiced by Rogues, Monks big fish casino games and Male Fighters.

The available skills are mostly only useful in PVP itself as grabs, juggles, or fast attacks.
Spell Book : One of the less abstract uses of the spell book trope in video games.