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Noon News, November 3, 2005.
100 In July 2005, Thompson sent a letter to several politicians urging them to investigate The Sims 2, alleging that the largest lotto jackpot usa game contained nudity accessible by entering special codes.11 Nintendo's representatives attempted to use that fact to attack Sega during the hearings.The Associated Press, "Chiles looks to restrict violent video games".Sega OF america, INC.30 Thompson responded by noting, "Law enforcement and I put 2 Live Crew's career back into the toilet where it began." 31 Thompson wrote another letter in 1991, this time to the Minnesota attorney general Skip Humphrey, complaining about the.W.A album Niggaz4Life.The Florida Bar.

"Lawyer Fighting To Ban 'Columbine Simulator.Skinner 's laboratory." Although his efforts dealing with video games have generally focused on juveniles, Thompson got involved in a case involving an adult on one occasion in 2004.Electronic Gaming Monthly (53).Thompson did not, however, respond to the Bar's motion to dismiss the case.Islam does." Thompson then expanded his comments in the same interview by saying, "Islam promotes the killing of innocent people."In Brief: Lawyer Accepts 20,000 Bar Settlement." Miami Herald, February 5, 1993."Reno Redux in Florida".

Leibl, Lance (17 September 2013).
13 During the 2000s, however, the controversy surrounding the series had wound down significantly.