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7 The Sound Dues were abolished in 1857.
Adults: DKK 140, children under 18: Free of charge.After their completion, Kronborg was bonus familjen hon i grått hår considered the strongest fortress in Europe.Shortly afterwards, a new series of ramparts were built around.Immortalized as Elsinore in, william Shakespeare 's play.Only the Chapel was spared by the strength of its arches.The ghost of Hamlets father haunts the castles underground passages where he reveals himself through smoke and light.Revenge, desire, and intrigue are on the menu when Kronborg Castle serves interactive theatre and give the audience access to the famous characters everyday lives.Frederick was a keen patron of theatre and players performed 10 euro casino free at the castle when he held court there in 1579.In 1785, as the castle was being fitted for use as army kanojo x kanojo x kanojo bonus scene barracks, the chapel was fitted out as a gymnasium and fencing hall and the furniture stored away.Performance dates: Wednesday 2 August Saturday.00 pm (with the exception of Mondays 7 and 14 August).With the two castles and guard ships it was possible to control all navigation through the Sound.

Towering on a promontory in Northern Zealand, Kronborg faces the sound between Elsinore and Helsingborg in Sweden.Ballroom edit The Great Ballroom Measuring 62 x 12 metres, the Ballroom was the largest hall in Northern Europe when it was completed in 1582.Last updated by, wonderful Copenhagen.June through August, Hamlet, his family and enemies take up residence in Kronborg Castle.The inmates were guarded by the soldiers billeted in the castle.From 1688-90, an advanced line of defence was added called the Crownwork.The north wing was equipped with chambers for the king, queen and her ladies-in-waiting as well as for the chancellery.Hamlet was performed in the castle for the first time to mark the 200th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, with a cast consisting of soldiers from the castle garrison.The walls are hung with a series of large paintings which were originally made from 1618 to 1631 for the Great Hall of Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen.Initially, the castle was reconstructed only to a height of two storeys.The convicts had been sentenced to work on the castle's fortifications.
The play has since been performed several times in the courtyard and at various locations on the fortifications.
Along with the fortress.

Frederick II's Kronborg edit From 1574 to 1585 Frederick II had the medieval fortress rebuilt into a magnificent Renaissance castle, unique in its appearance and size throughout Europe.