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As mentioned above, the more expensive detectors are specialized for things like salt water, looking for really deep stuff, and better identifying what an object might be before you dig.
Aurora acquired a license from Universal Studios to create a line of kits based on the Universal monsters, which became the companys most popular offerings.
"Mission Statement of the International Skateboarding Federation".I spent a few hours walking around the yard- found nothing at all and froze my fingers and nose.Have not read the whole thread but have you checked along the railroad bed along the pequest river?Doesn't matter much to me as I don't plan on ever selling my coins.Federation of Artistic bdo character slot Roller Skating.I'll post the picture later.You can't dig in State Parks Janster, that is not true.But my 4th ring, which blows my mind since I never thought I would find one!It used to be at State Fairs or other events (for me it was the "Date Palm Festival there was a souvenir booth where you could insert a penny and it would roll it out into a longer, thinner oval shape which also had.(1930's?) Here is a link, m/ great rescores for early manufacturing.
I know that when my ex and I started off we had difficulty finding open areas, especially before the internet gained popularity.
That being said, it is still fun to go new places as there is a chance of finding more stuff quicker if the site has never been searched before.

Inbox me if you are interested.Thought I might get one for my Grandson, 10 years old, for Christmas.At a park, my friend found a musket ball and I found a tiny harmonica.Can you ck it and let me know what it says?North American Field Herping Association".Love hearing about all your 'finds'!
The sidewalk areas in Hackettstown have been very productive.
Josh your own yard seems to have better treasure than anywhere else you've been :-) Well, I spend a LOT vad kostar det att spela på keno of time searching my yard.