Jackpot korean drama ep 19 eng sub

jackpot korean drama ep 19 eng sub

Knowing this, Injwa is determined to find the oath first so that it cant be used against him, but neither party has any idea where Traitor Jeong hid.
In the present, he tells Traitor Jeong that he was never interested in trada casino free bonus code becoming king, and that he only ever had one cause in his heart: to make their nation into a proper one for her people.
Dae-gil wants to help, but Seol-im stops him.Hell keep getting to skirt by doing whatever it is he wants without consequence until the script decides otherwise or the story just ends.Jeong escapes, only to fall straight into Prince Yeonings trap.So Dae-gil meets with Traitor Jeong that night to offer him a deal: if Jeong cuts his ties with Injwa, then Dae-gil will become the king the cause needs him.With one shoulder under his, Dae-gil helps his drunk little brother home, eventually passing him off to his loyal bodyguard.King Sukjong, being the only sane one still around, orders that the princes body be brought into the palace for his own inspection, only its not allowed.Besides, he claims that theres no proof tying him to the princes death (HOW and that this can become the Sorons golden opportunity to oust Prince Yeoning and the Noron faction.Traitor Jeong tries to cut him down, only for Dae-gil to swiftly disarm him.Yeoning hears the same line of argument from Councilor Kim, who tells him that he has nothing to gain from investigating Prince Yeonryungs death.And while the kings death was a poignant moment for the show, the rest of this episode was pretty mind-boggling.
His father only reminds him of what he said to him beforeabout his life belonging to the people nowbut Dae-gil needs him to arrange a meeting between him and Traitor Jeong.

In the absence of royal guards or any type of security, Injwa orders the few attendants of the prince to dress him in his burial clothes.Yeongsu-ya, the king calls him fondly, which is the princely name he was given at birth.The crown prince seems to know the death is fishy, but makes it very clear that the reason for Yeonryungs death has to be indigestion.Yeoning is confused at first, since he knows of only himself and Crown Prince Yoon, which is when Injwa cuts in to say that the third brother is one he knows very well.At least Dae-gil didnt turn crazy for power on us, thoughthats one silver lining Im happy to keep holding onto for as long as the show allows, even if there shouldve been a moment of realization for Dae-gil when he found out that Injwa killed.Hed just be taking back whats supposed to be his.If you thought our resident terrible villain was good at evading consequences for his actions before, think againhes a master at it now.Dae-gil remains silent instead, which only makes Yeoning more distrustfulhe also heard from Injwa that Dae-gil met with Traitor Jeong, and now supposes that its actually true when Dae-gil again responds with silence.
He hands it over to Prince Yeoning, who confirms it before deadpanning that the king will be soo impressed that Dae-gil caught Traitor Jeong at the scene of the crime and found this evidence to incriminate him.