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And Finn was far more valuable to the Resistance alive and there for another day than to give himself up in a battle that was already lost.
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Reys journey in The Last Jedi appears almost saddled almost as a conduit between Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren.
Using a lightsaber and destroying some things wasnt going to keep the Resistance alive.He showed up as powerful and deceived and defeated the first order in a battlefield move that involved no violence or destruction and was successful.In an hawaii casino waikiki act of desperation, Admiral Holdo makes a hyperspace jump with the First Order fleet in her path, wreaking havoc with a lightspeed kamikaze strike.Poe and the audience dont realize it, but Poe is not a hero in this situation and only continues to showcase why Leia was correct in demoting him and keeping him away from further strategy.We share in both their failures and their revelations.We are both proven wrong.In essence, Rey is the ultimate Star Wars character for our nostalgia.The plan he should have trusted was weakened because he interfered.Finn first only sees the surface level of things.Speaking of, The Last Jedi has also enhanced and improved its predecessor with its deeper philosophies and genuinely thoughtful answers to leftovers witcher 3 armor set bonuses questions and real character directions.Beyond the depths, layers and character work displayed in the film, the surface level features one the most gorgeous, imaginative looking Star Wars films weve ever seen.
The moment is full of magic and a sweeping accompanied by John Williams usual brilliance as we finally are given a moment to see Leia use The Force as her brother later would, to keep her figurehead alive to keep the small spark of hope.
A New Hope, when Obi Wan magically conjures a sound effect to distract two Stormtroopers.

We have no idea where Episode IX will take us and its an incredibly exciting feeling as someone who loves Star Wars.We put our faith in flashy hotshot heroes we know over an unknown woman we are told is competent, partly because we are used to stories like A New Hope.Couldn't the Death Star have been easily taken out by sacrificing, say, Porkins?And to this, he still doesnt quite understand what it was for.Leia demotes him for his failures to see anything beyond it for the time being.Its looks gorgeous and the Atmos track is a hell of a lot of fun.With The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren steps out from the shadow and into a light of his own.Home Star Wars Saga Star Wars: The, last, jedi, tomatometer.Poe wants to be a heroic one-man army.He stands tall among the cavalcade of First Order forces outside the gate.
There is an inverse relationship between the success of the characters plans and the lessons they learn, which is the way life often works.
Hacking him off here produces a complete shock, leaving everything you may have thought in disarray.

Rian Johnson has genuinely tapped into the knowledge and importance of what made that moment in The Empire Strikes Back so powerful even after the surprise is gone.
We all know The Phantom Menace and subsequent Prequel films were met with the greatest division.