Legion cant see bonus objectives on map

legion cant see bonus objectives on map

In addition to the various quests, each zone in Draenor has bonus objectives which players can complete for additional rewards, including experience.
Soothsayer's Runes Icon Soothsayer's Runes: starts Tools of Divination (15 Darkmoon Prize Ticket) all you can buy off the AH /rykuns/v/86057648, here's a slot antenna efficiency VOD that shows some stuff for initial alliance questing in stormheim as well as the 24 nagrand quests and other las vegas casino coupons 2017 things.
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For the past week i've been working on a leveling guide for my guild Intent on thrall and once I finished it I decided to share it with other communities in case other people had more to add.Long lost buddy / Quitting WoW / Should I play?Ornate Weapon Icon Ornate Weapon: starts A Wondrous Weapon (10 Darkmoon Prize Ticket).That's with 0 quest competition on beta.Cloak portal to Org/Stormwing and get to Dalaran to start legion stuff!Final test run clocked in at 5 hours 53 minutes.My group is probably just going to do Nagrand or Missives on our characters and get to Broken Isles.Nagrand Total - 365,000 xp, spires Bonus Objectives - 66,150, total: 615,000.

4) Assault and Battery 5) See Ya Later, Oscillator 6) Supplies From the Skies 7) The Lost Legion 8) Lightning Rod 9) Pins and Needles 10) Signal Boost 11) The Ancient Trials Note: Use a Goblin Glider all the way to complete "The Ancient Trials".I just made this account so YouTube links and what not aren't posting for.WoW required players to physically go to a dungeon to access it, todays players can simply use the Dungeon Finder to queue for a dungeon, allowing them to form a team with random players.It's just a nice boost in xp that doesn't take alot of time if you choose to.When picked up, it binds to your t account, so it cannot be bought or sold on the Auction House, but you can mail it to one of your lower level characters, if you wish.If you're not an engineer, get some goblin gliders to hold for a few spots that save a lot of time while leveling.Guild battle standards of coordination for the extra 15 xp, rotated amongst your party.53) Shriek No More 54) Jarod's Mission -New Hub, Ravencrest Mausoleum- 55) Kur'talos Ravencrest 56) The Rook's Guard (XP chest to the right of the staircase on the way up to Kester on a table) 57) Maiev's Trail 58) bonus objective - Black Rook Hold.Not showing on my map where they are.Flasks/Runspeed potions if you don't have a lot of movement speed on your current class.
Can shave a lot of time with several things we pathed out after the fact.
The pathing goes off of other community spreadsheets that have been floating around with more in depth information per quest hub in each zone.

70) A Gift for Greymane (Water walking potions/druid op for this, detonate at the turn in for other quests) 71) To Skold-Ashil 72) Shielded Secrets 73) Stories of Battle 74) bonus objective - Assault on Skold-Ashil (Note, there's chests in this area that also give.
Stormheim This is the initial path for Stormheim for alliance.