Lighting for slot car track

lighting for slot car track

I am glad to see that other people where interested in this subject as well.
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Track lighting adds to the leo vegas no deposit bonus 2015 realism of any raceway and allows you to stage long distance endurance races such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 12 Hours at Sebring.
Since LEDs are diodes they only conduct in one direction, the longer of the two leads is connected to positive.That is to say that I would like to have both track lighting like JJJ does with the Bic handle lights he has around his track and I would also like try something I have not yet seen by anybody.I think I read both of your replies about 3 or 4 times and I think I have half an idea of what you are trying to teach.Wrap a piece of tape to mark the wire. elvis Racers emsa - Electric Motor Sports Association GT-SRC: Greater Toronto Slotcar Racing Club Hillside Raceway Maxport II Toronto Mid-Plains Slot Racers. .
Buy the LEDs tht say "bright for streetlights, at least 5000mcd like Rich says.

#, 11:37 AM International Racer Join Date: Dec 2009 Location: Chatham, ON Posts: 818 Addendum on LED Lighting Hey TireSpin, seems like your post has generated some interest, good thread idea.You can either use a variable power supply and set it for the voltage that you need or use a higher voltage power supply and put a resistor in series with each LED to drop the voltage to the required value.The LEDs used for headlights in slot cars might be several hundred mcd, if you wanted to light an oval track for night racing LEDs rated at several thousand mcds would be used.When the LED lights you will know the correct polarity by the markings on the LED above.Now you must determine which lead on your transformer.Powered by vBulletin Version.8.1 Copyright, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.I would like to light the track by using the inner track wall with small mirror box's that would reflect the light across the base of the track much like the real thing in Nascar.Regards, TireSpin #, 04:14 PM, international Racer.2) They require less power to operate and put out virtually no heat.

#, 04:21 PM, international Racer.