Loot boxes gambling petition

Whether that extends to the boxes you can get outside the game, I don't know, but they've already established an age rating and covered their ass in that department.
And yeah, while I don't take age ratings seriously, there's nothing else any developer can do to limit access.
It would certainly explain things if jackpot pawn shop rustenburg Valve were understaffed, yes.
The entire point of legal culpability is proving they directly had a hand in the illegal activities.Your favourite ass fucking service, Valve.Banned, posts: 3270, joined:, valve Officially Condemns Steam Item Gambling.User was banned for: A Civil Discussion with Garwulf on Gamergate.Hover media query supported.Source: Valve, permalink, user was banned for: Star Wars Galaxies Had an Amazing Idea For Jedi That Never Happened.I expect most of the major gambling sites to fall apart within the next few weeks.Though in many cases there wasn't an outcry among the throng until the rot became widely apparent.Premium Member Posts: 727 Joined: Yeah!In a lot of places, CS:GO, among some of the other titles with a gambling scene, aren't age restricted to adults, and there have been numerous issues of young people wasting their savings, or worse, using their parents credit card.Mind, I think loot crates are stupid, but calling them gambling feels like a bit of a reach.Can't sell cars, because criminals may use them to escape the scene of a crime, do a hit and run, etc, so the car company indirectly earned money from the crime.I'm just not sure, aside from tearing out all the offending systems by the roots (and weathering an enormous wave of anger and undoubtedly more than a few lawsuits as "real money" assets abruptly vanish) what Valve could do about some of these problems.We've hit all three.Premium Member Posts: 5603 Joined: It's worth remembering that Valve has about 330 employees.I'm not too sure about CS:GO's crate system, but on TF2, Crates are free, while the Keys costs.99.
Banned Posts: 294 Joined: ttress: If Valve was truly against gambling, then opening crates in TF2 or CS:GO wouldn't give you a random item with the small chance of getting a super valuable item.

User was banned for: You know what."Oh its so horrible!" Smilomaniac: I don't care about Valve's involvement, to them it was likely just an experiment.One way Blizzard could address this without cutting into their coffers is by offering a bundle of all the Summer Games content for a one-time fee.However, putting them behind a paywall that's also a slot machine - one that has a time limit - feels like a greedy move in an otherwise stellar and positive experience.They might've, but if you lose that frequently it's probably punishment enough.Premium Member Posts: 4627 Joined: o this means Valve will abandon their skeevy crate system, right?