More transmog slots

more transmog slots

If you have enough cash this is a can i keep cash in a safety deposit box good way to make sure all your gear is properly enchanted as you level, you twink, you.
(Brilliant gems) Mastery (Fractured) gems for Prot.
HP Holy Power P Passive ability Abilities removed in Warlords are crossed out.
You can quest with the best of them, do some light tanking, eso outfit slot upgrade account wide bring some nice damage (DPS) to your group, and can even toss out the occasional heal.Ret will always use this.Repentance puts an opponent to sleep (which has its uses) Blinding light is nice if you get in over your head and need to disorient a few mobs.War Stomp : Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yds for 2 sec.The others are fine, but Law gives you more flexibility with your movement.Holy will have much greater use for this than the others.
Speed of light is a nice burst movement, Long Arm gives you a boost every time that you use your Judgment.

Whether you can afford it, and the associated item boosts, is a whole nother story.Seals, Auras, and Blessings Warlords of Draenor pushed the seals around a bit and some were restricted to certain specs.Open with Judgement, pokergo apparel if opponent is at range, otherwise use Crusader Strike (CS) At lev 10 Templars Verdict (TV) becomes your big hit.Check out Skill-Capped for a lot more Pally PvP info.They are few and far between in Draenor.At 32, if you need the mana and health use Seal of Insight, otherwise stay with Truth.