Pathfinder inherent bonus stack abyssal orc bloodline

pathfinder inherent bonus stack abyssal orc bloodline

Class Skill: Sense Motive - This skill can be useful for role-playing, and since your Charisma is high youre probably the party face and will be discussing terms with NPCs and such.
It's hard to find poison with a DC that scales with level, and a familiar can come in handy for anyone.
Wish at the end is a nice little bonus.
7 3 comments * Monster Discussion * D'ziriak 126 41 comments.Class Skill: Survival - This is a skill that every adventurer will need to roll at some point, so its a great class skill to pick.Bloodline Powers: Laughing Touch: This isnt a great power because it requires you to make a melee touch attack (you dont want to be in melee range, most likely) AND it only works on a given creature once in 24 hours.A swim speed can be very useful situationally, and natural armor and cold resistance is very nice.Since you probably chose this bloodline for blasting, consider taking Blood Piercing instead.AND kasino kortspil it entangles everyone else.Youre going to want to use Stealth a lot with this one.I would suggest this bloodline as an EH choice for a Cleric, Oracle, or possibly even a Magus.It's also important to note that since you're casting psychic spells, you have no need for the free bonus feat Eschew Materials.A kobold Ranger (Trapper archetype) would do well to consider using Eldritch Heritage to pick up Trap Rune and Trap Sense.On the other hand, as a campaign-ending boss monster, it could work.When you cast a specific type of energy spell that happens to require an attack roll, you get to cause the target to get no five-foot step for a round.
Tack on the elemental immunity and free plane shift, and this is a great capstone.

Bonus Feats: This set of feats is pretty nice.Even if you aren't going to make use of the naga shape part of this capstone, however, you still get immunity to charm, mind-reading, and poison, which is really nice.A decent arcana, but nothing earth-shattering.Ray of enfeeblement is a great low-level debuff, invisibility and lightning bolt are excellent for any Sorcerer, and the charm spells are great.Wings of the Abyss: Wings are cool, but youre most likely trying to go melee with this build, and giving up 6 to Str is a horrible idea.Snow Shroud: This one is pretty cool.
Worse, they're arcane spells for you, so you can't cast them in armor.
Serpentfriend: You gain a familiar!

Bloodline Powers: Touch of Destiny: This is a decent ability, because buffing your allies is almost as good as debuffing your enemies.
Now, obviously these options open up a whole host of new tactics for choosing your bloodline powers.
Arcana: Given that almost all of your bloodline spells are pretty sweet transmutation spells, this arcana will come in very handy.