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Intel sponsors its own standard version of Card Services designed for the specific needs of Intel-based processors.
Card Services is a empowered water gem socket trove higher-level software-management interface that automatically allocates system resources, such as memory and interrupts, once it's notified by Socket Services that a PC Card is present.
It identifies how many sockets are in the computer system and monitors for insertion or removal of PC Cards from the sockets.
(The glitches now merely require the use of special device drivers at times.The association named the devices PC Cards, but you'll often hear them referred to as pcmcia cards and slots.The Gartner finnish casino Group predicts that by 1997, some 40 million computers, or about 60 percent of all worldwide desktop, notebook, and hand-held computers will have at least one pcmcia slot.Two key elements of the pcmcia software architecture are Socket Services and Card Services.There's not even any way in the USB protocol to ask for them.(This is not at all the same thing as a "USB memory" stick; or an SD card, or the like; the "memory" in such devices does not appear in the host CPU's physical address space.).Analysts project that non-traditional computers used by an entirely new class of people will experience tremendous market growth.(pcmcia is older, and it's actually ISA-like rather than PCI, but the same principles apply.).The standard should enable system and card manufacturers to build products that can be operated by end users who lack any knowledge of the underlying technology.By complying with the standards, virtually any kind of device that can be attached to a desktop computer's ISA or other standard bus can be hooked into the tiniest pocket computer if the device's circuitry and components can be miniaturized sufficiently to fit.The CIS describes the card's memory type, size, speed, and other characteristics in such a way that any host computer can read and respond to this information."If I'd had any idea how this group would grow, I might have chosen a name that's easier to pronounce says pcmcia Chairman John Reimer, acknowledging the tongue-twisting nature of the group's name.Register, digital SPY, part OF THE hearst UK entertainment network 2015 Hearst Magazines UK is the trading name of the National Magazine Company Ltd, 72 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 9EP.Hardware drivers interact with Card Services to access the card in the slot.
In any case, it seem clear that the pcmcia standard PC Cards will play a big role in the future of computing.

Even if you're not ready to participate in the boom yourself, it will be fascinating to watch this new technology burst into the computing world.The standards are in place, the Card devices are ready to ship, and new computers are being built with pcmcia slots.If you want to connect to LG Corp., or other LG affiliates, please click.As you've noted, these slots are now obsolete, along with PCI.Owners Manuals, requesting a repair, software updates and warranty information are all just a click away.Those concepts just don't exist on USB.USB doesn't have any way for devices to do those things.With these services in place-as they are on any computer with a pcmcia standard slot-you have complete freedom to pop cards in and out of your computer as your work demands.Either that, or buy old laptops on eBay or similar and keep using your existing cards.Plugs into a pcmcia slot but you can't implement a pcmcia slot with a USB device.LG Support, need information?
And CardBus devices can be directly addressed as "memory" in the address space of the host CPU.