Ram slot bent pins

You need the opening to be free of obstructions.
You can use the angle of the pencil as a guide to track how straight the pin.
If it isn't mounting, look especially for single bent pins towards the center, as they are hard to spot and you may have missed one.A week ago I helped an acquaintance of mine to build a new gaming rig.Ask a Question 200 characters left Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.Hold the CPU up to some light and look through it to try to find all the bent pins.You will want a mechanical pencil with.5.7 millimeter opening.This will leverage the bent pin back to a straighter position.For example, if there is one bent pin, run the card in the rows surrounding it, much like the # symbol.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.What does work: 1 RAM bar in dimm_A1 (PC runs smoothly although of course showing 8GM RAM only) 2 RAM bars, one is dimm_A1 and one in dimm_A2.Knowing how hard it is to notice one or more bent pins and not knowing at all the person that assembled the PC, I only partially believe him.Carefully maneuver the tip to bend the pin back into place.If the CPU isn't mounting, feel where it is sticking.You want to place the CPU on a hard, flat surface with the pins facing straight into the air.How to fix broken off pins?By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.
The service department claimed that they found one or more bent pins, but he swears the pins were straight when he sent the.

Do not bend the pins too much.2, slide the needle underneath the bent pin.Nothing too fancy, no OC, only new parts.Knowing about the apparently-defective RAM slot (at that time I didn't know that "it looks like it posts, but nothing is displayed he told me that it doesn't post at all I was stupid enough not to ask him to send the minidumps.Sadly, something went wrong, and the system failed to display anything with both RAM modules inserted (looks like it posts, but nothing is displayed).Using a credit card, be very careful to not touch the pins with your hand.This suggests to me that both my RAM bars are in fact NOT defective and that may be at least one of the dimm_B1 or dimm_B2 IS defective.These sizes should fit comfortably around a CPU pin.However, repeated back and forth bending can cause pins to break off.