Safety deposit box the long dark

Key #15 is required to progress, and wont appear until after you speak with Grey Mother.
When Will informs Grey Mother that the tunnel has collapsed, she is distraught, knowing that she is effectively trapped in Milton with no hope of rescue.As the sun fades and night falls, the chilly weather becomes even worse.Grey Mother can reveal further information by increasing her trust - either through completing the main story or through gifting her items.175 Side Mission: Distress Pistol Information about where you might find a Distress Pistol.Key #13 : video slots live chat Southern River Follow the river west deposit interest income of Milton, and walk the eastern bank south.
Grey Mother makes it clear that she does not trust Will due to him being a "mainlander but he begins to gain angel extravaganza bonus room key her trust after he gathers enough food and firewood for her to last the winter.

Required Trust Title Description Notes 25 Knowledge: Milton History Worlbuilding sic information about the history of Milton.Once unlocked, you must speak to Grey Mother through the Trust conversation menu.75 Knowledge: The Collapse Worldbuilding information about the Collapse.By using this site, you agree to our use of cookies.As a result, she asks Will for one more favor: retrieve Lilith Barker's necklace from a safety deposit box at the bank and place it on her grave outside of town.If you get all three clicks, the small safe will open.Gwynyth Walsh, first Appearance, episode 1, last Appearance.Theres a corpse with a backpack carrying this key.Wintermute, edit, episode 1: Do Not Go Gentle.
Tragedy struck when Lilith died in a climbing accident, and Grey Mother blamed her death on Martin, driving a wedge between them and causing them to live in separate homes.