Slot antenna efficiency

Figure 1 shows the gold rush casino graaff reinet configuration of the proposed filtering antenna.
The measured results show that wide bandwidth.1, high selectivity of 270/330 dB/GHz for lower/upper out-of-band, and high efficiency of 93 and flat gain response are obtained in the proposed antenna.
Figure 11: Simulated (dashed lines) and measured (solid lines) reflection coefficient, realized gains, and total efficiencies.
Figure 12: Simulated and measured radiation patterns at three resonance poles.In 2016 ieee 3rd International Symposium on Telecommunication Technologies, istt 2016., 7918075, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.,.Figure 6(b) gives the phase difference when changes near (13 mm).The frequency of the impedance peak is the frequency of current null.Hence, a radiation null will occur at the frequency where the current at the slot satisfies the following condition that That is the reason why one radiation null is generated in Ant.The following are the applications of Slot antenna.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2017.

The image shows a slot antenna, which explains well about its working.The antenna configuration is symmetrical about the y -axis.Measured results demonstrate the proposed antenna is with a center frequency.26 GHz, a fractional bandwidth.1, a high efficiency of 93, and flat gain response and good skirt selectivity of 270 dB/GHz and 330 dB/GHz for the lower and upper out-of-band, respectively.It consists of a SIW cavity, a transverse slot, three metal posts, and a SMA connector.The resonator can be simply modelled as shunt inductor and capacitor, and it resonates.25 GHz.It means the upper current null will come close to the resonance, and the lower current null will be away from the resonance.To achieve two symmetrical radiation nulls dark souls 3 mage armor about.25 GHz, here in the proposed antenna, the slot is located at the position where is chosen to be 13 mm which is about a quarter phase wavelength at the resonant casino heroes malta frequency.3 have two radiation nulls at almost the same frequencies.

The discrepancy in cross polarization between simulated and measured value is mainly attributed to the slightly tilted antenna placement during measurement.