Slot machine css

My animation problem showed up when I spotted that it was limited to one bezier function and the end keyframe.
Sign up, simple html5/js/canvas slot machine game t/karma find file.
If needed, I can remove the border or use something else as a border (decorations). The transition CSS tells the browser to animate the background.2 seconds using a particular easing curve.Hopefully, this will reduce someone elses searching time.The width was set to 210px.It is passed (winCount:Number, winners:Array, finalNumbers:Array) easing : 'swing / String: easing type for final spin.This is just the easiest implementation I could think.Art icons inspired by Reddit.
Mostly, the idea is to provide different effects using html5, CSS3, and/or JQuery to produce the spinning wheel(s) and some other effects.
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Readme, karma Slots is a simple slot machine game made in Javascript for html5 and canvas.Released under CC-BY.0.I recommend the easing plugin and easeOutSine, or an easeOut of your choice.With the following example code (basic setup code below I can change a variety of things.Failed to load latest commit information.All it takes is this code to make a canvas in html5: ExpandSelectWrapLine Numbers canvas id"myCanvas" width"200" height"100" style"border:1px solid #000000 /canvas I can have multiple canvases in use at any given time.First, create a div to contain the button.Theres the drawing and animation I could use so I just had to set it all up to spin like a slot machine roll.
I needed a smaller scale carousel to stand vertically and spin on its Y axis.