Sonic mania special stage 5 too hard

As time goes on, your ring count will steadily drop, and as the rings do not reset after each lap, you have a limited amount of time to clear the stage.
Where the paths converge is a big box of rings; jump through it to collect some extra time and pick up some more blue spheres to the left of the road.
Stay tuned for more, sonic Mania guides to help you get through this brand new Sonic adventure!Continue to follow the path, picking up blue spheres and dodging more spiked balls, and your first cycle around the track will be complete.Completing the stage by converting all of the Blue Spheres will earn lucky dino casino 5 free you a silver medal for that Bonus Stage.You can ret paladin best in slot 7 2 5 also "race" it at lower speeds by cutting corners or using shortcuts.Unlike in previous titles, there is no requirement to find the Giant Ring to access the special stage other than finding it in the stage.Follow the same path, this time jumping over the ramps to save time (you should at this point have a sufficient amount of rings and after entering Mach 3 speed, you should be able to catch up to the UFO.To make matters worse, Star Spheres will try to bump you back into Red Spheres, ending your run.Hop on the item box and jump over the spiked balls on the left, for some rings and the sake of efficiency.Just be sure to make the most of your time, jumping over gaps to take shortcuts wherever possible, avoiding hazards (which cause you to lose a great number of rings if hit and hit item boxes (which may increase your ring count, increase your blue.The Special Stages themselves are very simple: Sonic is constantly running, first at Mach 1 speed.
Once around the bend, take the path to the left of the trees to pick up some rings.
Don't worry if you didn't grab all the Emeralds on your first time through, you can always go back to other levels where you know the Giant Ring locations and try there.

Fill the gauge at the top of the screen by collecting blue spheres to enter Mach 2, then fill it again for Mach.The stage starts with a series of hazards and ramps; aim your falls so that you land on the ramps rather than the spiked balls that surround them.Scoring at least 10,000 points within the Special Stage will award the player.Screenshots Special Stage 2 Special Stage 3 Special Stage 4 Special Stage 5 Special Stage 6 Special Stage.If you don't collect all seven Chaos Emeralds in one playthrough, you can return to a zone of your choice from the cleared game file and keep returning to the same giant ring, exiting the stage and returning to it until your attempts are successful.Good luck and have fun guys!
Also hop on whatever item boxes you see and pick up whatever blue spheres you can.

The first Special Stage is hazard-free and has bumpers lining the sides to prevent the player from falling, but later Special Stages have an increased number of hazards and less barriers surrounding the track.