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Playstation 3 (Patched -.01 (US) In the lower lobby, when you enter from the elevator to Gomorrah Lower Lobby next to the bar, sometimes causes a black streak of pixels appear when looking from northeast to east to southeast.
It is found in a decrepit building to the north of Little Yangtze.Doors and elevators back to the main and suites levels.AN/M14 Incendiary Grenade The game's standard incendiary grenade, while somewhat generic, seems to be an AN/M14 incendiary grenade, albeit with a black-and-orange coloration, and markings denoting it as an "AN-2051 incendiary grenade as well as "model 0531".Magnum Research BFR -.45-70 Govt' The standard Hunting Revolver.Called simply "Boone's Hunting Rifle" it has the distinction of being the only companion weapon in the game to feature a valid attachment, a scope.The Courier holds his Hunting Shotgun on some old abandoned housing.With the Ultimate Edition, doing this will result in losing palace station hotel & casino las vegas nv united states all of your (GRA) items when you save.Main level Edit Lobby and casino Edit Just inside the lobby entrance is the casino floor, with casino games in the middle and the bank to the left for changing money.The Courier holds the Service Rifle while outside the Gun Runners.While there are some differences, such as the shape of the trigger and hammer, the resemblance is still obvious- especially from the other side, as it is even marked correctly.The unique variant's model.A Sniper Rifle fitted with both of its modifications.In-game model for the "All American" rifle.The 9mm appears almost everywhere and is even given to you by Doc Mitchell at Goodsprings at the game's beginning, unless the player has rolled their character's stats for a combat proficiency other than Guns.When compared to the standard Gauss Rifle, the YCS/186 deals more damage, is more accurate, has greater durability, and consumes only 4 MFCs per shot, but weighs one pound more (8 instead of 7).Hawk Semi-Auto Shotgun A drum-magazine fed semi-automatic shotgun based on the Hawk Semi-Auto Shotgun, sans the tactical features and with a wooden pistol-grip and handguard, appears as the "Riot Shotgun".
The unique "That Gun." The Courier holds his.56mm Pistol while at the Lucky 38 suite.
The pixels can actually be seen when walking up the stairs towards the main rified Xbox 360 Sometimes if you activate a slot machine, the HUD will appear for it, but not the image of the slot machine itself.

In-game lore describes the weapon as a "U.S.This does not, however, explain where the pins come from when the Courier takes these grenades for their own use.The Holy Hand Grenade of of Antioch Camp Searchlight.The animation for ejecting shells are poorly done that it appears to be coming from the gun itself and not really the bottom.The Courier aims his Hunting Rifle at the gate, internally debating whether or not he should break.Note the presence of what appears to be some sort of electrically-powered mechanism at the rear of the trap, despite the lack of any obvious need for one."That Gun" can be purchased from Cliff Briscoe in Novac or stolen from the back room.
Keeping these limitations in mind, it can be highly effective in certain situations.

Against ranged attackers, you can fire a shot, duck around a corner or behind cover, then ambush them at point-blank range as they run up to you.