Week 3 bonus challenge

week 3 bonus challenge

Our base was in the divot.
On the license plate of the ATK, there is a star like shape, and surrounding it are the co-ordinated for its location on the map for week 3 (J2-SW).
Fortnite Skull Trooper Skins: Skull Squad gear challenges and more added with update.02.The Season 4 and 5 mystery weren't revealed until week 7, although they were datamined much sooner and we imagine the same will be true of Season.But for Season 6, this is known as the Hunting Party challenge.At the time of writing, we certainly have no clues as to what the new skin could look like.In addition to simply helping you ascend through the battle pass ranks faster, the Road Trip challenge also has a secret unlockable skin once you have completed the whole set.Here's our guide to help you out.933 30 comments, vending Machines (OC) 592 46 comments.I'm leaning toward the latter.All you've got to do is complete all seven weekly challenges (Week 3's are now live!) and you'll unlock a new loading screen for the game.Damage Trap Eliminations (1) hARD battle Pass Challenges.But because you can only complete one of the Road Trip tasks each week, it will take a minimum of seven weeks to unlock the hidden reward.Last season the Blockbuster Challenge unlocked the Visitor skin.23.1k 588 comments, i made an animation of Black Knight vs Hammond from Overwatch.Because i thought itd be cool.As always, the hint for where the item can be found is included in this weeks Hunting Party loading screen, shown below with the exact location circled: If youre not sure where this is, its actually one of the small cabins in the north.
When you beat all this week's challenges you'll unlock a hidden loading screen (pictured above.) Each of these loading screens contains a clue about the whereabouts of the hidden Battle Star, which will only show up for you once you've completed all the weekly challenges.

Stage 1: Search a Chest in Lonely Lodge (1).They haven't fixed this Building this whole Season!This week-week 3 of the Season 5 Battle Pass-has seven new challenges which you can read about right here.Simply go to the location marked on the map below, climb up to the chimney, and you should be able to collect the Battle Star.The clue in this loading screen is the license plate which reads "J2 SW" with the star in-between the letters: The license plate has the edit: Epic Games.Epic, fortnite secret Loading Screen Week 3 - Hidden Battle Star Challenges revealed (Pic: epic).Carrying squad in Friday Fortnite comments, my thoughts on the spam posts, I think this kind of accurately sums it up if youre new to reddit and wasnt sure.That means you're going to want to drop from the Battle Bus into Wailing Woods, and keep an eye out for the house in the top right (North East) part of the region.Comments, fortnite In motörhead casino slot 10 Years.7k 1851 comments.2018 Forbes Media LLC.I'm hoping that this season's secret skin will be much cooler, though the Visitor did have an integral role in setting off the rocket and ushering in the weirdness of Season.
As a reminder, you'll need to complete all Week 3 challenges before you'll be able to collect your reward.
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After being replaced by a hidden Banner for Week 2, the secret Battle Star is returning for the Week 3 Party Challenge in Fortntite Battle Royale.
Previously this was called the Blockbuster and Road Trip challenges.