What is the meaning of money market deposit account

Types OF money: n Money consists of n Currency: The paper notes and coins that people use in a country.
It is a certain amount at a given point in time.Must be easy valley of the gods free online slot to svt bonusfamiljen säsong 1 carry.Like to add another meaning or definition of Market?Some nipper nabbed my wallet at the market today.E.g."Dont buy any computer software from that market stall, it's all ripped off.".To con, to swindle.M 1 n The narrowest measure of money is M 1, which includes assets that can be used directly as a medium of exchange.Money market mutual fund are interestbearing shares in pools of funds accumulated by investment companies.Meaning of Marketing Marketing means: of Market.
Fiat Money n Fiat money refers to paper currency decreed by governments as legal tender.
N n n Liquidity refers to the relative ease and speed with which an asset can be converted into a medium of exchange.

N n n Divisibility of money makes the exchange of different quantities of items possible and simple The use of money as a medium of exchange also promotes economic efficiency by allowing people to specialize in what they do best.Checks n A check is an instruction from you to your bank to transfer money from your account to someone elses account when he deposits the check.Madhu Bhatia, Tutorials Point India Private Limited.Medium of Exchange n Money is used as a medium of exchange in the form of currency or checks.Meaning of Market, market means: To expose for sale in a market; to traffic in; to sell in a market, and in an extended sense, to sell in any manner; as, most of the farmes have marketed their crops.The answer is actually.The answer.The check is only a way to instruct your bank to transfer money from your account to another persons account.E., they have to find someone who not only has a good or service they want but also wants the good or service they have to offer.
Must be widely accepted in payments for goods and services and for settling other business obligations.