Why do japanese cds have bonus tracks

The new material on this album is ruinous.
Trivium - Into The Mouth Of Hell We March (Clean Edit) - 05:54 Tracks that are not even up on youtube so, if anyone has one of the following, posting a download link (or PM if you prefer) is much appreciated.
Hangar - Like A Wind In The Sky (Re-Recorded).Less offensive is an entire track called "Fearful Is No Word For It'.The Healer (Radio Edit) Sampler Tracks: Metal Blade Europe 10th Anniversary (2005).Blind Guardian - The Maiden And The Minstrel Knight (Edit) - 04:51 Metal Blade Europe 10th Anniversary (2005).Dragony - Sparta (Elegy Of Heroes)."A Secure Place" segues into a separate piece, "Leon and Claire which accompanies the scene in the.T.A.R.S Office where Leon hands Claire her missing brother's diary.
Your self loving soothes, and softens the blows you've invented.

Blistering (Radio Edit).Quieter pieces come across well also.Resident Evil 3, lapses into something like a sixties/seventies TV theme tune.Biohazard Orchestra Album is actually a selection of music from the first three games.Today, CDs indicate bonus tracks even though the tracks are present on other format releases.Dimmu Borgir - Hybrid Stigmata/The Apostasy (Edit) - 03:03 Rock Hard Unerhört!is trimmed of its heavy notes, leaving the melody incomplete to my ears.This is thus one track that sums up the whole album great where it follows and enhances the original music, passable where it slightly deviates, and appalling where it goes into new and inappropriate idex deposit gas price areas.(Edit) Trivium - A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation (Radio Edit) Trivium - Built To Fall (Chris Lord-Alge Mix) Trivium - Throes Of Perdition (Edit).D.O.
Trivium - Down From The Sky (Clean Edit) - 05:36.