Wow beast mastery hunter best in slot

wow beast mastery hunter best in slot

Stat priorities are vestigial and I dont like using them, but people expect them in a guide and Wowhead wants them, so here they are ( even though I recommend you ignore them and sim your gear instead!
The guide is more detailed than it has been in the past as Wowhead has really upped their frank casino бонус standards for class guides (seriously, this was a ton of work).
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Grow a thicker skin and stop being a whiny faggot.By the creator of m - League of Legends Rankings and Statistics and.Run AotB and chill.Simulations Compilation : This page compiles all of the sims used throughout the guide onto one page, for those who only care about the numbers.Weakauras Guide : A selection of useful Weakauras for BM Hunters.3rd bis are boots and hunt with 4pc t20 and 2pc t21.Enchants and Consumables Guide : The best enchants, gems, and consumables for Beast Mastery.Legendaries can go every way for BM depending on your gear, talents and availability of legendaries.Plus some advice on how to handle things like Frenzy stacks.What the actual fuck now, internet?Reply With", 03:52 AM #2 no, bracers are useless, reply With", 03:54 AM #3 almost 100 not.Reply With", 03:59 AM #4, originally Posted by, gum almost 100 not.Thank you and may the RNGesus be with you all!2nd bis are boots and sephuz with 4pc t20 and 2pc t21.Can anyone help me with a guide/homepage to explain what gear I need to compete?
I am looking for a guide to explaim what items I should look for as a BM Hunter, and which traits I should roll for, on my azerite gear.

Originally Posted by turskanaattori.Just thought Id post that everything has been updated.Talents Guide : Details on all talents and recommended builds, along with simulations of all the talent tiers (includes some war mode stuff).Quick Start Guide : Intended for someone making a Hunter alt who wants the bare bone basics.Macros and Addons Guide : A fairly large selection of useful macros for a BM Hunter as well as lots of recommended addons.For a long while my optimal dps setup according to raid bots was using Dire Frenzy combined with Belt and Soul of the Huntmaster (talent ring probably because I had high mastery (using MM gear for BM).